Surgical Department

Adan Hospital’s surgery department is one of the main departments that serve the Al-Ahmadi catchment area.


Consisting of around 118 beds divided among male and female wards, staff is devoted to providing high-quality patient care.
We are dealing with emergency cases 24/7 with a variety of surgical specialities and procedures. Moreover, the surgical care service are well equipped to deal with all trauma patients  and receives almost all trauma c from rural areas in Kuwait through helicopter ambulance services.
The Surgical department provides surgical operations five days per week Sunday to Thursday for elective surgical procedures, but 24 hours daily for on-call duties.
Outpatient clinic services are provided by general surgery and different surgical specialities in the morning and afternoon of the working days, including neurosurgery OPD clinic.
The surgical care service includes the following disciplines:
        • General Surgery
        • Vascular Surgery
        • Urology
        • Plastic Surgery
        • Diabetic Foot and Wound Management
        • Colorectal Surgery
        • Bariatric Surgery
        • Breast Surgery

Operational Policy

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