Preventive Medicine Department

Promote Health by:
            1. Preventing and controlling communicable diseases.
            2. Promote health behaviors.
            3. Promote and save health environment.
            4. Training to sanitarians and public health physician.
Our vision to make people safer and healthier by collecting the right information and working closely with other health sectors inside the hospital and with other preventive health centers to solve problems.
          • Preventive Medicine plays an important role in protecting the community from the most widespread, deadly and mysterious threads against our health.
          • Our department has a commitment to protect the hospital health staff (medical and non-medical staff – case household contacts)
        • Accurate diagnosis of epidemic, and active investigation of acute outbreaks and its containment.
        • Ongoing active communicable disease surveillance and reporting.
        • Monitoring water and food safety.
        • Hospital staff checking and immunization, including the hospital nursery.
        • Monitoring the cooling series of the vaccines.
        • Health education activities.
        • Monthly and annually reports.