Pediatric Department

Adan Hospital pediatric department provides inpatient and outpatient medical care for all children belonging to Ahmadi health area. The department currently provides the service in old KOC (Southwell) Hospital in Ahmadi area.
        • To provide a high quality and safe diagnostic, curative and preventive health service for children in Ahmadi health area.
        • Provide comprehensive medical care (including emergency, inpatient, ambulatory and intensive care) for sick children.
        • To provide quality care, promote child welfare, health awareness by working with the community, promotes Continuous Medical Education, training and research.
        • Health care management in an effective and efficient way using evidence based guidelines.
        • To be a trusted center of excellence and innovation in childcare in the region.

Pediatric emergency unit receives hundreds of patients daily over 24 hours through 4 examinations rooms,  2 resuscitation beds and 13 beds in observation room in addition to a room for nebulizers. Pediatric ICU cares critical pediatric cases and has a 20 beds capacity at the time-being. Palliative care unit was recently created with 20 beds capacity also. There are 4 general pediatric wards with 90 bed capacity.


Adan hospital pediatric department also provides pediatric OPD that are run by consultants in general pediatrics and different subspecialties:

        • Pediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and endoscopy unit.
        • Pediatric endocrinology and diabetes.
        • Pediatric neurology OPD
        • Rheumatology OPD
        • Pediatric cardiology and echocardiography
        • Developmental OPD
        • Blood diseases of children OPD
        • Pediatric nephrology OPD
        • Allergy and immunology OPD
        • Metabolic OPD
        • Genetics OPD
        • Pediatric dermatology OPD

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