Nuclear Medicine Department


The Adan Nuclear Medicine Department is comprised of a multi-disciplinary team of clinical, scientific, technical, nursing and clerical staff who aim to provide high quality, cost effective clinical and scientific support services to a wide range of KW communities.


The services include routine as well as esoteric testing in all areas of NM and Clinical Laboratory using the most advanced equipment with complete computerized operation.


It has also recruited a team of highly qualified and certified specialists, medical technologists and healthcare professionals to provide the highest quality diagnostic, therapeutic and patient care services in an efficient and helpful manner.

To assure accuracy and reliability of patient test results with a high degree of quality, NM Department has established and maintained written quality control policies and procedures as part of its total QC program and has participated effectively in both national and international quality programs.


NM Management System complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 ‘Quality Management Systems’ and with the requirements of the appropriate international accreditation standards.

        • Institutional: As a governmental general teaching hospital to provide high quality and safe diagnostic, curative and preventive health services for the health area.
        • Departmental: To provide safe and quality nuclear medicine diagnostic imaging, non-imaging and therapy services including teaching and training to our catchment population to help maintain health and wellness of the community.
        • Institutional: To be a trusted center of excellence and innovation in patient care in the region via employing expertise and the leading edge facilities.


        • Departmental: To be recognized as a center of excellence for the provision of clinical nuclear medicine teaching and healthcare services by ensuring delivery of safe and high-quality nuclear medicine diagnostic imaging / radioiodine services, R&D and continual staff development.
        • Institutional: CARE is the acronym for our institutional values [C- Commitment, A- Achievement, R- Respect and Rights of patients and staff, E- Excellence of care]


        • Departmental: The ADAN NM departmental values add THE to CARE [T- Trust and Teamwork, H- Honesty, E- Encouragement]


Operational Policy

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