The Medical Laboratories Department perform many laboratory investigations and consultation 24/7 services for any patients in Al Adan Hospital and Ahmadi Health region. The laboratories offer an advanced technology in the laboratory investigations with high quality that help our physicians to diagnose many clinical diseases and help to prevent and control infections. 

  • Reception Unit
  • Phlebotomy Unit
  • Clinical Biochemistry and Immunology Unit
  • Clinical Haematology and Blood Bank Unit
  • Clinical Microbiology Unit
  • Clinical Virology Unit
  • Histopathology and Cytology Unit
  • Paediatric lab. Unit in Old Ahmadi Hospital ( since April 2021) 

To provide the best, accurate, timely efficient, high quality laboratory services and patient care in a safe and supportive work environment. 


To excel in clinical laboratory testing and provision of transfusion services, consultation, teaching, training and integrity in laboratory medicine.