Ears, Nose, & Throat (Otorhinolaryngology) Department

The Otorhinolaryngology Department provides diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive services for the citizens and residents of the AI-Ahmadi Health areas.
The department contributes to provide excellent medical care through a medical staff with a distinguished scientific and practical expertise in addition to specialised nursing staff based on patient care. We are dedicated to raising the scientific standard ofdoctors through holding scientific conferences that invite eminent surgeons worldwide.

Our Services

It includes 15 beds for male patients in male ward 11 and 15 bed for females in female ward 10

            1. Four clinics daily in the hospital.
            2. One clinic daily in Fahaheel Specialized center.
            3. One clinic daily in Fintas center.
            4. One clinic two days per week in Sabah Al-Ahmad center
            5. Two clinics daily in the afternoon at Fahaheel center.
            6. One clinic four days per week in the hospital

Provides medical services around the clock to all emergency cases.

Surgery is performed four days a week (morning and afternoon). The number of operating theatre as well as the number of working days will increase after the opening of the new expansion of the hospital.

It receives patients daily for auditory and vestibular tests. It works also in the afternoon four days a week.

This unit provides treatment of communication and speech diseases, and it is equipped with all the facilities in this field . the unit is located at Al Ahmadi medical center

Operational Policy

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