Introduction: (From the Nursing Director’s Desk)

Nursing is an integral part of the health care system, comprises the promotion of health, prevention of diseases and restoration of health, for all ages, in all health care and community settings.

Al-Adan Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital under Ministry of Health, Kuwait & provides tertiary care to the population of Al-Ahmadi Health region. The hospital is equipped with 802 beds and manned by approximately 2500 multi-national nurses.

The nursing department is under the constant guidance & support of the Superintendency of Planning & Training Department of Nursing (SPTD) in Ministry of Health.

The Ministry of Health recruits highly competent professional nurses to render optimal care to the health care recipients. The nurses are strengthened by additional training sessions on latest technologies in health care.

For development of the services in hospital, nurses play a vital role by contributing in multi-disciplinary committees. Hence, nurses have an inevitable role in fostering a culturally competent patient care.


To be internationally recognized as nurse professionals committed to excellence, valuing quality outcome, collaborative practice and patient centered care


The nursing department of Al-Adan hospital aims to ensure the delivery of excellent patient care & patient related services.

Mission is achieved through:

  • Adherence to established standards of nursing care and practice for the provision of high quality patient care.
  • Appropriate allocation of nursing resources and manpower management.
  • Maintenance of quality assurance standards.
  • Development and maintenance of a governance structure with operating procedures and staffing to meet the needs of the organization and nursing department.
  • Develop, implement and evaluate the Nursing department’s operational policy.
  • Provision of nursing support for functional units in areas of organizational development like infection control, quality & accreditation, staff development, education and research.
  • Co-ordination of nursing and other patient related services.
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements of Ministry of Health-Kuwait, SPTD and accrediting bodies.

In Service Education Program

Orientation Program and Rotation Program

We provide orientation & rotation programs for new & transferee nurses. These two programs have a positive influence on job expectation, job satisfaction and can establish sense of identity for the new employees. By undergoing these programs, the new employees can adopt to the hospital policies & can swiftly adjust to the clinical setting.

Duration of Rotation program: 22 hrs theory & 22 hrs clinical session.
Rotation program (new Kuwaiti graduates): 6 months (3 months each in different areas).

Classroom Instructions

Classroom instructions are planned by the clinical instructors for every 6 months based on the clinical requirements & new techniques & practices. Classroom instruction includes lectures, workshops, skill stations, simulations, company lectures & demonstrations. A dedicated training centre is established in Al-Adan hospital licensed by Kuwait - EMS Training Centre, Sabhan for the life-saving training courses. BLS, ACLS & PALS certification courses are coordinated & provided.

Clinical Area Instructions

Clinical area instructions are both incidental and planned. Staffs are regularly followed up for their performance in attaining the optimal level of health care services. Planned activities include lectures, demonstrations and competency assessment. Company representatives do perform various product demonstrations in the clinical areas. We provide training for student nurses from the College of Nursing.

Special Area Training Program

There are training programs which are planned for nurses who are inducted into the special areas like ICU, OT, Cathlab etc. These training programs are completed within the stipulated time & nurses are assessed by the clinical instructors & head nurses for their performances.

Leadership and Research Activities

There are various leadership training programs for nurses. A clinical instructor course is conducted in SPTD for the potential clinical instructors. Team leader training program is also conducted for the selected staff in our hospital. Head nurse & A.D.N course is also organized & conducted by the SPTD periodically. SPTD also conducts regular workshops for the Nursing Directors & A.D.Ns’. A Research study was conducted in Al-Adan Hospital’s Heart Failure Clinic & was presented in Gulf Conference, Kuwait 2014.

Heart Failure Clinic

Heart failure clinic in Al Adan hospital is the first of its kind in Kuwait. It is being managed a team of doctors & 6 nurses. This clinic caters heart failure patients from all health regions. It guides heart failure patients to modify their life-style, so as to reduce re- admission & to identify the early onset of symptoms. Telephonic services are also available.

Outside Hospital Programs

Staff nurses are given opportunities to widen their knowledge & enhance skills through various programs conducted outside the hospital. In 2016, till date there were around 7 programs held at various venues in Kuwait.

Programs Include:

  1. Cancer Prevention
  2. Gulf conference for Diabetic foot
  3. Pediatric scientific day
  4. Gulf conference on Geriatric care
  5. Annual Meet on Kuwait Society of Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging
  6. Conference on Child protection against violence.
  7. Breastfeeding awareness program.
  8. Updates on OPV vaccine.